October 15, 2018

ASQ Inspection Division Conference

ASQ Inspection Division Conference

“Quality – A Bridge to the Future” is the theme for the 2018 ASQ Inspection Division Conference, which will be held October 18-19 in Memphis, TN.

The 20th century provided the greatest technological advances in history. What was once a linear rate of change has shifted to an exponential rate, so significant progress can be expected throughout the 21st century. However, change is not just limited to technology, for organizations saw and will continue to see advancement in an expanding global supply chain, evolution in leadership systems, development and deployment of effective strategic planning, and an increase in various management systems.

Quality too has seen significant advances over the past century as quality management systems, statistical techniques, Six Sigma, and automated inspection were developed and evolved. Quality has and will continue to prove to be a key differentiator in an organization’s success.

The Inspection Division conference will help individuals and organizations bridge the gaps between remembering, understanding, and contributing. Experienced professionals from a variety of industries will present relevant and value-added information during interactive workshops and conference sessions.

ANAB will be among the exhibitors at the conference and Pat Rothwell, who is a contract lead assessor for ANAB, will be among the conference speakers. Rothwell’s topic is “Examining the Global Growth of Accredited ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Bodies.” Since the publication of the 2012 version of ISO/IEC 17020, there has been steady global growth through specific industry segments seeking accreditation to the standard, and Rothwell will focus on certain aspects, such as the flexibility of the standard, that have promoted this growth.

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