June 4, 2019

Howard Authors Article on DoD Use of ISO 50001

iso energy

Ann Howard, ANAB’s Director of Environmental Accreditation Programs, has published “Mission Assurance through Energy Assurance, DoD Installations and the Use of ISO 50001,” in the January-March 2019 issue of the Defense Standardization Program Journal.

ISO 50001 provides a framework for integrating energy management into an organization’s business processes. According to Howard, “ISO 50001 transforms the way organizations manager their energy and boosts resiliency. A recent revision to the standard places a stronger emphasis on the role of top management in instilling organizational cultural change.”

In the article, she notes that Department of Defense (DoD) installations represent 284,000 buildings and more than two billion square feet of space, consuming one percent of the total energy expended in the United States. She concludes, “As DoD pursues energy resiliency as a priority and seeks cost effective solutions to improve mission assurance, ISO 5001 supplies a framework for achieving that mission.”

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