March 10, 2022

Potential Impact of Ukraine-Russia Conflict on ANAB Accredited Services and Programs

ANAB response to the conflict in Ukraine

Update – As of 18 March 2022, ANAB required our accredited CABs to immediately halt all ANAB-accreditation activity in the Russian Federation and Belarus and to immediately remove all references to ANAB and ANAB-accreditation symbols associated with Russian or Belarusian entities, sites, products, and systems. ANAB-accredited CABS have been notified directly.

We at ANAB share the international community’s concern and distress regarding the situation in Ukraine and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. ANAB cares for human dignity and our thoughts are with the people who are suffering. ANAB is closely monitoring the local and global impacts of the situation, including the imposition of international sanctions on Russia and disruptions to businesses operating in that area of the world. We are committed to complying with all relevant laws, and we will communicate any appropriate changes or requirements regarding the provision of accreditation and accredited services as warranted by this evolving situation.    

All ANAB accredited bodies are advised to follow closely the expanding and far-reaching sanctions being imposed by the US, UK, EU and other governments around the globe.

In the meantime, we join others throughout the world in a call for peace and an end to the current conflict in Ukraine.

Letter to ANAB-Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies on Ukraine-Russia Conflict

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Mary Kolberg

Manager, Communications