The new proposed requirements can be found here Requirements for the Management and Operation of Property and Evidence Control Units - Draft AR 3181.

If you would like to provide comments, the form can be found here ANAB AR 3181 Comment Form. Please do not modify the formatting (e.g., column widths, font) of this form. The cells will expand as you type, and additional rows can be added by placing your cursor outside the last row and pressing “enter”. For each line on the comment form, provide the clause number you are commenting on (do not list a range of clause numbers). For comments in Annex A, provide the line number on which the text you are commenting on begins (do not list a range of line numbers). Save the form as an unlocked word document only and submit to with the subject line “comments on AR 3181”.

If you are sharing the document for others to comment, please do not forward the document directly, but do send the link to this site.

The comment period will be open from September 6 – October 6, 2022.

Additional details regarding the program will be provided at a future date.