Course Description

ANAB has redesigned its Lead Assessor Intensive Training course to an exercise-based approach to better support and develop the competencies required of a lead assessor. The course was developed in response to the recent change of focus on competence within laboratory-related accreditation standards and is based on ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17011 requirements.

The Lead Assessor Intensive Training course is designed to develop the required knowledge and skills by incorporating small group exercises, course work, and case studies for hands-on learning, allowing attendees to demonstrate their competencies in the classroom, as well as on final examination.

When combined with one of our standard-specific courses, the successful completion of Lead Assessor Intensive Training will demonstrate that the participant has the knowledge to apply the skills as defined in the learning objectives

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Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of assessment principles, practices, and techniques
  • Communication skills appropriate to interact with all levels within the conformity assessment body
  • Note-taking and report-writing skills
  • Nonconformity writing skills
  • Opening and closing meeting skills
  • Interviewing and listening skills
  • Assessment-management skills
  • Knowledge of risk-based assessment principles

CEU Credits: 3.2

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals interested in becoming an assessor for an accreditation body*
  • Current assessors seeking to further demonstrate the required competencies
  • Internal auditors seeking to further develop their auditing skills
  • individuals who want to understand the assessment process and assessment related activities


Attendees should have a solid understanding of the standard of interest (i.e., ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 17020) before attending this course. The information presented during this course assumes knowledge of the structure and content of the applicable accreditation standard.

This knowledge will be verified through a self-paced, web-based standard-specific overview session with an exam. Access will be provided a week prior to the first day of the session. 

For more information on becoming a contract assessor for ANAB, follow: 

Note:  If you are interested in serving on ANAB assessment teams for the forensic business unit please see Forensic Technical Assessor Training.


Each registration includes one standard of interest to be identified on the certificate. A $400 fee is applicable to any additional standards. Please contact for details.


Private Training Session

This training course is available as a private session.  Private sessions are a great option for organizations that have several staff members that need the training.  

Contact us at or 414-501-5473 for more information.

Note:  ANAB as an accreditation body will not provide any consulting during public or private sessions. Although instructors are able to answer questions and provide information on best practices, they will not provide solutions to organization specific issues.