Becoming an ANAB Assessor

Assessors are an integral part of ANAB’s structure and depending on the program, assessors may be independent contractors or volunteers. Assessors perform accreditation assessment activities of ANAB applicant and accredited conformity assessment bodies for third party accreditation programs in accordance with various standards, requirement documents, and ANAB policies.

Participation in ANAB assessments provides the assessor with ongoing professional development and benefits the industry by ensuring uniform application of accreditation requirements, including those for technical competence.

ANAB assessors (including experts) are approved for specific standards or programs based on their competence (skills, knowledge, expertise) to provide technical knowledge for the scope of accreditation. ANAB relies on assessors for their knowledge of specific programs through the duration of assessment activity.

Disclaimer: Assessors include contract assessors, technical experts, and volunteers

Specific roles & duties include but are not limited to

  • conducting onsite and remote assessments
  • planning and preparation
  • documentation reviews
  • documenting assessment results (e.g., assessment report, nonconformities)
  • reviewing corrective action responses

How to Apply

To be considered as an assessor by ANAB, please complete the application found through the link on each accreditation program page.

The application must be submitted all at once. You cannot save and continue later. Please review the required general documents and evidence on this page and each applicable program page for which you are interested in applying for and gather your necessary evidence prior to starting the application.

If you currently contract with ANAB as an assessor and want to expand into other ANAB accreditation programs, please reach out to your ANAB contact/s directly.

ANAB Assessor Application Sections

  • Contact Information
  • Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  • Education and Training Evidence (if applicable, see accreditation program specific information below)
  • Identify which Accreditation Program(s) you are applying for

Once submitted, ANAB will contact you directly if there is an assessor resource need within your area of expertise and may request additional information, depending on the programs you apply for and your competence. Additional information for each accreditation program and the link to apply can be accessed on the pages below.