ANAB provides answers to your questions related to management systems accreditation. If you have a question related to the COVID-19 pandemic and ANAB management system accreditation activity, please see the FAQ below, contact your certification body, or contact ANAB at For other questions, see FAQ about ANAB management systems accreditation.

How does ANAB communicate its positions to customers and other interested parties?

Via Heads Ups and within this Ask ANAB page. (2020/05/07)

Does IAF provide any guidance on how to manage situations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, IAF has published FAQ related to the pandemic. (2020/05/07)

Can a stage 2 initial audit be completed entirely remotely?

Yes, if the stage 2 initial audit objectives can be met using information and communication technology (ICT). You can also consider doing a portion of the audit remotely and a portion on site. However, it may depend on the standard because some scheme owners have different positions with regard to remote audits. (2020/05/07)