ISO 19011 is a standard that provides guidance on auditing management systems including principles of auditing, developing, implementing and managing an audit program, conducting an audit and on developing and evaluating auditor competencies and is applicable to all types of management systems. This course offers a thorough review of ISO 19011.  In this self-paced training, participants will learn how to develop, implement, and manage an internal audit program, including how to plan and conduct an audit.   Individuals will review several audit methods used to collect objective evidence and learn when each should be used. In addition, audit sampling strategies and how to establish and assess auditor competencies will be presented. This course is beneficial to individuals (e.g., managers/supervisors, quality managers, internal audit program managers) that are new to the internal audit process or those that are tasked with developing, implementing and managing an internal audit program.

When paired with the ANAB self-paced course Fundamentals of Internal Auditing, participants will gain a robust knowledge of internal auditing and developing internal audit programs. The combination of these two courses provides a strong foundation for participants intending on furthering their knowledge of internal auditing.   To get the most our of the courses, it is recommended to take Fundamental of Internal Auditing before Overview of ISO 19011:2018.

  • Review auditing terms, definitions, and the principles of auditing

  • Learn the key components of and how to manage an internal audit program

  • Learn the basic audit mechanisms for collecting objective evidence

  • Understand the nuances of planning for and conducting an audit

  • Discuss auditor competence requirements and evaluation criteria

  • Understand audit sampling and the risks associated with conducting an audit

For anyone who want to learn how to develop, implement and manage an internal audit program. Specifically: Quality Managers, Internal Audit Program Managers, organizations that conduct internal or external audits of management systems

Self-paced Training

This training is presented as self-paced, web-based seminar through an online platform, Mindflash. Access information will be provided after we receive the registration payment.

After your payment for the training is processed, you will receive an email message asking for your preferred start date and we will send you access to the training for five calendar days.  Once you begin the training, you will be able to open and close the session as often as you like within those days.  The training takes approximately four hours to complete.  An attendance certificate will be emailed upon completion.

Cost: $350 per person.  

If combined with Fundamentals of Internal Auditing a discount of $100 is applied.