Understanding the Requirements and Concepts of ISO/IEC 17024:2012


This workshop introduces organizations considering accreditation by ANAB to the international standard ISO/IEC 17024, General requirements for bodies operating certification schemes for persons.

This course is designed to introduce organizations considering accreditation by ANAB to the international standard ISO/IEC 17024, General requirements for bodies operating certification schemes for persons.  The standard is a globally accepted benchmark for bodies managing the certification of persons and is being increasingly recognized by the U.S. federal government, the certification industry, and organized labor.

Whether your organization is pursuing ANAB accreditation or not, the workshop is a valuable tool for understanding the increasing acceptance of this globally recognized benchmark in personnel certification.  Accreditation by a fair, impartial, and globally recognized third party provides assurance that your certification program is engaged in a continuous review and improvement of its quality, that it meets internationally publicized standards in the personnel certification, and that it is accountable for achieving what it sets out to do.

Through presentations, small group discussions, and exercises, you will:

  • Analyze each of the requirements in ISO/IEC 17024.
  • Understand what ANAB expects organizations to provide as demonstration of compliance to each of the requirements.
  • Hear case studies from accredited certification bodies on how to successfully navigate the application process for ANAB accreditation.
  • Develop self-assessment skills to conduct a gap analysis for your organization to identify areas of improvement and form an action plan.
  • Discuss best practices and mistakes made by certification programs in program design and implementation as well as tips for how to control costs while maintaining quality.
  • Learn about new paradigms in personnel certification and better understand the evolving credentialing landscape.
  • Understand the ANAB accreditation process, which is guided by ISO/IEC 17011, Conformity assessment – General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies.
  • Personnel from corporations, organizations, government agencies, and others operating certification programs, and who want to learn more about how accreditation can add value to their programs
  • Organizations considering developing a personnel certification program
  • Organizations considering whether or not to pursue ANAB accreditation and interested in understanding the benefits and uses of accreditation
  • Organizations going through the ANAB accreditation process
  • Organizations currently accredited
  • Organizations that support certification programs through testing, marketing, IT, and other services

This training course is available as a private session. Private sessions are a great option for organizations that have several staff members that need the training.

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