Accreditation Checklists for Dummies (How to complete them effectively)!

Accreditation Checklists for Dummies (How to complete them effectively)!

What do I do with this checklist?

Checklists are a useful tool for completing audits and assessments. Checklists can be internally designed by organizations or provided by an accreditation body. They can work as a “one stop shop” for requirements, as well as objective evidence and comments on conformance to requirements. However, checklists can also sometimes work as “check the box” exercises, limiting audit trails or further discussions about related requirements. That is why it is important to understand how to complete checklists effectively. Thorough completion of a checklist can prepare an organization for an external assessment, highlight opportunities for improvement, and serve as part of the record of internal audits.

This webinar will discuss best practices when completing checklists. The focus will be on the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, but the concepts and tips can be applied to any type of requirements checklist.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the various uses of checklists
  • Learn best practices for documenting objective evidence and comments on conformance
  • Become aware of common pitfalls in using checklists

Who should attend:

Anyone with even a remote interest in Accreditation. This Webinar is intended to dispel the Concern that even experienced Assessors, Auditors and Quality Managers have when confronted with completing an Accreditation Checklist.

Presenter: Paul Matera

Paul Matera currently leads the Inspection Body program for ANAB. He brings over 35 years of experience in the construction industry as an Inspector, Lab Manager, Quality Manager, Construction Manager and General Contractor. Before joining the ANAB staff as a Sr. Accreditation Manager, he provided assessment services to several different accreditation bodies and industry groups, as well as consulting services for companies in many different industries that wished to get accredited.

Presenter and Host: David Feist

David Feist is the Former Owner of China Sourcing, Inc., a Lead Accreditation Assessor, ANAB Accreditation Manager, and manages the ANAB Training Business. He has conducted hundreds of Assessments across 17020 and 17025, and managed 13 Laboratories while they attained their 17025 Accreditation. He is a graduate of both Kettering and Xavier Universities, and serves on Financial and non-profit Board of Directors.

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