Making Quality Work for Everyone Webinar

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility” (W. Edwards Deming). However, there are times that we find not everyone is onboard with implementing or embracing more quality practices. Some feel it is a waste of time, that it is burdensome, or that it takes away from productivity. Others may even be offended in the suggestion that their previous work was not of sufficient quality. So, how do you get quality to work for everyone?   This webinar will present some ideas on how to develop, implement and foster a laboratory culture of quality so that quality will work for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define Quality and Culture
  • Review Types of Organizational Culture
  • Discuss Organizational Cultures and Quality Strategies
  • Steps to Implementing a Quality Culture


Emma Dutton Ph.D, ANAB  – Instructional Designer

Emma Dutton, an instructional designer for ANAB, has provided instruction on a variety of conformity assessment topics to the forensic community since 2013. Prior to joining ANAB, she spent more than 11 years as a quality assurance manager in a forensic laboratory. Her portfolio includes 12 years conducting research and development in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries and teaching biology as an adjunct professor.